Application and approval

Children may come to live with members of their extended family or community in several ways.  Bruce Grey Child & Family Services is only involved if there are concerns about the safety and well-being of the child if they were to return to the care of their parents.

We believe it is usually best for a child who requires alternative living arrangements to be within their own extended family or community.  This provides stability for the child within familiar relationships and within their own cultural group.  This type of arrangement usually makes it easier for the child to participate in their own planning and increases the likelihood of their return to their primary family.

A child protection worker from BGCFS will contact the kin caregivers to assess the physical safety of their home and the family’s strengths, needs, and resources.  There will also be a discussion about the ability of the kin family to offer a permanent home for the child if, for some reason, they are unable to return to the care of their parents.

Every family member over the age of eighteen (18) will also be asked to sign consents for a search of both criminal records and previous involvement with child welfare services.

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