Annual General Report 2021-22

BGCFS is pleased to present our Annual General Report for 2021-2022.

BGCFS Virtual Story Time

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Stories for children, including topics such as
  • Earth Day
  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
  • World Mental Health Day
  • Child and Youth in Care Day,
  • Kindness/Friendship Day


I entered Air Cadets at twelve. Neglected at home, I was in Children’s Aid care at fourteen. The structure of Cadets, and the affection of my foster mom, gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. One summer at Cold Lake, I was responsible for 600 fellow Cadets. I now have a scholarship to college and I’m committed to earning a Master’s Degree.
Jessica, Air CadetWarrant Officer, First Class, College Student
I’m an addict—four years clean—and a mother. The key to my recovery was: I got honest. I got honest with Children’s Aid, and with their help I was able to get my kids and my life back. I’ll always be grateful to them—they’re the unsung heroes of my life. I don’t sing, but I will play the drums to say, ‘Thank you.’
How do I define success? Success is when your mom dies and you’re alone at eleven and you grow up in group homes and your best friend is your Children’s Aid caseworker. Success is getting your own apartment at sixteen, winning awards in school, singing in the choir, going to college, becoming an entrepreneur, and interning at Children’s Aid. I am a success—and my mom would be proud that I’m happy.