Adoption application and process

We will support you

Adopting a child is a very significant decision in the lives of families. While you are considering adoption, you will be supported by professionals who are available to provide you with guidance.  By working together through this process, a decision can be made about whether adoption is right for you and what kind of child or children you could parent.

To find out if adoption is the right plan for you, contact us at or call 519-371-4453.

Home study

We will conduct a home study that involves several visits to your home. During this process, you’ll be encouraged to assess your own expectations, attitudes and abilities as a parent. You will also be required to attend training and to provide personal references. As well, medical and police checks will be required. Your cooperation in this process is vital in determining your suitability to adopt a child.   It is a reflection of our commitment to find the best match for each child.

Finding families for children

We make every effort to move the adoption process along as quickly as possible.  However, due to a lengthy screening process, it may take several months to gain approval to become an adoptive parent.

Adoption placements are based on the child’s needs, so the waiting time depends on an appropriate match being made between a child available for adoption and the adoptive family. Therefore, there’s no set waiting time or waiting list. Your patience in this process is greatly appreciated.

Making the transition

The transition to adopting a child is one that is carefully planned with the child’s well-being in mind. It is a time that allows for the new relationship to begin in an effort to determine its suitability in meeting the needs of the child.

Once the decision is made, there will be several visits to allow the child to get to know the new family and surroundings before actually moving into the home.

By law, there’s a minimum six-month adjustment period from the time a child moves into the new home until the adoption is completed, but usually the time period is longer. A longer adjustment period may be necessary depending on the needs of the child and the adoptive family. This is the time when any problems that might arise in the relationship can be worked out.

When everybody is ready to complete the adoption, Bruce Grey Child & Family Services will apply to the court for an adoption order. This makes the adoptive parents the child’s legal parents, and the child a legal member of their family.

Support for adoptive parents

We provide support to adoptive families support throughout the process. Each family will be supported with a team that includes a child protection worker, a child and youth worker when needed, access to a support group and other services as required. Subsidies may be available to support our children with special needs.

For more information, contact us at or call 519.371.4453 or 1.855.322.4453.