Fostering opportunities

Our community has an urgent need

… for foster homes for infants, teens and sibling groups.

Fostering teens . . . it isn’t for everyone.

One of our greatest challenges is finding foster families willing to welcome a teenager into their home. Would you be willing to deal with years of hurt, anger and disappointment?   Do you remember being a teen?  Who was there for you?  Can you be that person for a young person facing challenging times?  Having a family they can turn to could make all the difference.

A teen’s thoughts

I wonder when it will be my turn for another chance to be in a real home.
Everybody always wants the cute little babies…I don’t blame them. I would too if I were them.
I guess I already had my chance with my last foster home and I blew it.
I didn’t mean to get them so angry at me. When I get mad, I yell and scream at the wrong people.
It’s like a rage takes over me and I can’t seem to think straight.
I guess that’s just the way I grew up. Whenever my real parents had problems, they would always yell at me or even hit me.
Even though they don’t know it, I always feel bad after I hurt my foster family, especially my foster mom.
She doesn’t know that I see her cry.’
The weird thing is, she doesn’t cry because she’s angry at me, she cries because she feels helpless…like she’s not making a difference or something.
I don’t understand how or why anyone would care so much about the person I am or who I’ll become.
I wish I could give her a big hug now and tell her how sorry I am. But that’s not me. I don’t talk about my feelings.
My real parents sure never said sorry to me, but for some reason, I know it’s the right thing to do.
I just want another chance.
I know I don’t deserve it but I promise I’ll try harder next time.
I’m not such a bad kid … I just want what other teenagers have … a normal home and parents who actually care.

The rewards
  • helping a teen feel safe and able to trust
  • providing a better life for them
  • sharing and giving part of yourself
  • helping them reach their full potential
  • showing a teen how to be an adult ‘giver’ not ‘taker’
  • teaching them to act appropriately and be responsible
  • knowing you made a difference
The challenges
  • frustration when you realize your lack of immediate influence
  • dealing with anger being released at you
  • they may disregard you
  • disapproval from family and friends
  • having your property damaged
  • theft in your home

You can give a young person the opportunity to make PEACE with the past while finding HOPE for the future.