Mission, Vision, Values




We are dedicated to the quality of life, safety and well-being of vulnerable children and youth, honouring diversity, culture and heritage.


Engaged and caring communities where children thrive in strong families.

We achieve our Mission through:

  • Quality Services:  early intervention, child protection, support to families and care services that are responsive, timely, consistent and equitable
  • Partnerships & Collaboration:  working with our partners to provide for the best outcomes for children, youth and families
  • Advocacy:  on behalf of, and for, children, youth and families
  • Continuous Learning: on-going efforts to strengthen our knowledge, expertise and practice


CARING –  Ensuring that children and youth are in homes where they experience psychological, emotional, cultural, physical and spiritual safety and the opportunity to grow and develop with hope and resilience is our first obligation at BGCFS.  We approach parents and caregivers with appreciation and concern for their wellbeing.

RESPECT  –  Demonstrating a deep and genuine regard for and acceptance of an individual, showing empathy and offering support to everyone we serve.

INTEGRITY  –  Demonstrating authentic and cohesive thoughts and action, demonstrating courage and mutual accountability for our actions and our work.

COLLABORATION – Bringing diverse talents, perspectives and ideas together to create a positive plan for and/or resolution to a challenge.

ACCOUNTABILITY –  Obligation and willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions including a willingness to disclose the results in a transparent manner.