In this section, you will find lots of helpful resources such as brochures, tip sheets and other guides.

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Bruce Grey Child & Family Services offers several helpful programs for parents, including Parents in Action, and Healthy Parenting Right from the Start.  For more information on these programs please see our Parenting Programs page.

We also work in partnership with many community organizations that assist children and families.  Call 2-1-1 or go to for information about services in Bruce and Grey Counties., has created a comprehensive guide about baby proofing and kids safety at home.  Here’s a link to our kids safety guide, which includes chapters on common household hazards for children of all ages, tv and internet safety for kids, firearm and gun safety for kids, and home childproofing tips.

Cyber Bullying:  The definitive guide for educators, parents and family members :

How to Keep Children Safe in Public Spaces:

Reporting Immunizations:

Public Health has a new online Immunization reporting system, ICON (Immunization Connect Ontario). It uses a secure site.  Please follow the steps in the box below. the ICON is located on the bottom of the Bruce Grey Child and Family Services main page.


Requesting an Immunization record from Public Health:

You may request a record for yourself or your child if they are under the age of 16. You will need a unique code called the Ontario Immunization ID (OIID) and a PIN #.  If you received a letter from Public Health, the letter will contain the OIID.  You will need to contact Public Health to receive the PIN number for the first time only.  If you did not receive a letter from us, call us to get the Ontario Immunization ID (OIID) and a PIN number.

To access the new online system, see the steps above.  Choose “REQUEST IMMUNIZATION RECORD” button.