Who calls us?

Child welfare agencies in Ontario receive approximately 12,000 calls every year.

About half the calls come from schools. Teachers, teaching assistants, and principals call with concerns about their students. Police officers, neighbours, daycare staff, doctors, nurses and family members also contact us when there are concerns.  Many parents call directly for advice and assistance.

We encourage everyone who has any concern about a child’s safety or well-being to call us. If you are not sure, call us.  Many times, we can provide information over the phone to help you to determine if the concern is something that should be reported to us.

The law requires professionals who work with children to report abuse or neglect concerns if they suspect a child is in need of protection.

Duty to Report – Everyone has a legal obligation to report child abuse and neglect. This brochure can help you determine why, when and how you should contact Bruce Grey Child & Family Services.


Reporting Child Abuse