Camp Covid Ages 4-8

Learn to Dance




Cookie Face

Materials: Cookies

Directions: Place the cookie on the center of your forehead and use only the muscles in your face to get the cookie into your mouth. See who can be the fastest without dropping it!





Photo Friday

Use the art supplies that were provided in the box to make photo props. We used construction paper and our popsicle sticks to create these props and take photos with them! 


Cosmic Kids Yoga – Minecraft


It’s time to get moving again! Follow this fun yoga video while you tell a story at the same time!

How to Create a Sunset


Learn how to draw a beautiful sunset on these beautiful summer days! 



How to Draw a Lion


How to Make a Bookmark




Outdoor Scavenger Hunt


Get outside on this beautiful day and try to complete this scavenger hunt!

Gimp Bracelets


Learn how to make gimp bracelets with your camp coordinators!






Animal Yoga


Rock Painting


Materials: Rocks, paint, paintbrushes

Directions: Go outside and look for rocks that would be good to paint. Use paint to decorate them.

Ideas for decorating: funny faces, rainbows, animals or bugs, inspiring words. A quick google search of “rock painting ideas” may help inspire you!

50 Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners - Fabulessly Frugal Painted rocks, Summer, beach, flip flops, Awesome Summer Rocks ... Hand painted rocks by Caroline. The Kindness Rocks Project. | Hand ... Rock Painting Ideas for Kids: Summer Themed - Crafts on Sea 50+ Awesome Rock Painting Ideas | Step-by-Step Instructions on ...



Get moving with this fun workout video!


Nice Fish, Scary Fish 


Watch as Sue teaches you how to make a nice fish turn into a scary fish with this fun art project!


ABC Yoga


Get moving Camp COVID! Follow these fun yoga videos to stay active this summer!



Bubble Art

This activity should be done outside!

Create fun art pieces with bubbles, paper, and food colouring! Place pieces of tape on the paper to create letters or cool designs. If you do not have tape you can still create a masterpiece. 

Bubble Art with Tape Resist                  Canvas Bubble Art

Pour bubbles into smaller containers and add different coloured food colouring to each container. If you wish, add pieces of tape to your paper now. Next, have fun blowing your colourful bubbles onto your paper and watch as they pop to create a colourful design. Remove your tape to see what you have created! 

Follow the link below for a video tutorial if you wish.


Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce Conversation with Simon


This video is presented to you by the Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce. In this video, Simon shares a story of when he was faced with a difficult decision and how he got through it. He shares some important tips that kids can use when they are in similar situations. 




Music Lessons with Rob


This video teaches rhythm, musical notes, and much more. As the video goes on, the activities increase in difficulty to accommodate multiple age groups and skill levels. There are also worksheets that can be printed off to follow along with the video, but it is not required. You can still enjoy and follow along with the video without the worksheets if you do not have a printer!  

Here is a link to the worksheets if you would like them (copy then link into your browser then right click on the page to print):

We hope you enjoy!